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White-collar terrorism is a distinct and silent wave of crime being waged upon the unsuspecting citizens of the world. Whereas the conventional terrorists live and die by their political and social ideologies, this breed of terrorists lives only for one cause: personal financial gain.

However these criminals use the same age old tactics of terror and intimidation against the weak and the hopeless in all manners possible without the slightest regards for their lives and welfare. Whereas average terrorists risk their lives and limbs on the path to their objectives, white-collar criminals protect themselves at every step at the expense of others.

Common terrorists often collude with well-funded criminals for financing of their operations thus rendering the white-collars criminals just as dangerous, if not more. An in-depth study of the connection between white-collar crime and global terrorism, as well as a comprehensive list of federal criminal complaints, indictments, convictions, and sentences associated with terrorism and white-collar crime is available. Read Here

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Below is a list of a gang of Iranian white collar terrorists who are agents and supporters of Mojahedin-e-Khlaq, a terrorist group which not only seeks to topple the Iranian government in order to install its own brand of caliphate, but it also seeks to terrorize the American people in order to fund its terroristic activities.

Some members of the gang are also invloved in a number of illegal activities such as male prostitution, gambling, money laundering and international trafficking. One of the terrorists, Bijan Saketi, a Paris taxi driver is reportedly linked to the pizzeria Casa Nostra in Paris where the terrorists killed and injured a number of the patrons on November 13, 2015. He was at the restaurant on the night of the attack and it is reported that he is being investigated for possible links to the terrorists.

These terrorists, some of whom have committed heinous crimes such as murder, are headquartered in Beverly Hills. City of Beverly Hill's Mayor, Julian A. Gold, can be contacted at mayorandcitycouncil@beverlyhills.org if you have any concerns regarding their activities.

Click on the links below to access terrorists' sites. Visit Iran News Club for full details. Visit California State Bar Info to see criminal and administrative complaints against the attorneys involved on the list.

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In seeking to suppress the financing of terrorism, central banks face some of the same challenges as their law enforcement counterpartss: the act of transferring funds, by itself, is neither evil nor something that should be discouraged.Read More